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Days of going out physically in search of new music is over, you no longer need to visit live shows or concerts to hear new music, instead you can simply visit one studios and get music soothing your taste. With the availability of a large platform in the form of Internet, one can hear all kinds of music without leaving their house but with a simple click of a mouse. We are one provides you with a new music store online that allows you to hear music without any difficulties. Now, with the availability of an online Music store, you are able to save both time and money that you would have spent in going down the store and you also do not need to worry about getting damaged products. We are one provides you with a search bar, it enables you to search for music, in case you are looking for something in particular. You are also provided with various categories to search for the right song, which includes music genres and artists too.

By choosing OneStudios to download your music you are provided with several benefits, which enables you to find various albums that are related to the type of music you are looking for. You will either be able to see music from the same artists or you will be presented with music from the same genre. You can browse through one studios anytime of the day as and when needed, you can explore through the hundreds of new music available on the site. Music offered to you at the website is definitely pleasing and shall definitely soothe you and you will love to come back again and again.

People, nowadays are known to be hugely dependant on social networking websites to get new music. With social media being such an influence, you might find various artists having a page on each of the leading social media website where they upload their music, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. but of course people are too busy on social media the music remains unheard. However, you must remember that we are one provides you with exclusive music hearing experience. It is not only a platform to go through the existing songs available on the site, but it is also a music sharing website that allows users to upload their music to hundreds of people that are already available on the site searching for relevant songs or music. You get to upload high quality musics and can look to purchase the desired storage space from the site.

Onestudios provides you with two packages, the Standard and the Pro pack, you can choose the package that you find best for your music uploads. The price of hiring the storage space is also very affordable, which can be bought by either paying a monthly amount or for the whole year. One Studios is a user friendly website and thus it becomes very easy for an individual to look for new music on the site, without much difficulty.

One Studios becomes a very reliable source for Good, Unique and Original music online; it is a great way of sharing music to the world. There are several users signing up to the website to upload their music and get recognition. The website also provides you with various terms and conditions that you can go through before you choose to upload your content and share them to the world to listen. We are one is definitely one of the best music  sharing websites, as it not only help you to upload music and share it to the world but also enables you to keep a track of how many views likes and comments you are getting from audiences. This makes it different from other music sharing websites.


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Onestudios is considered as a virtual treasure trove when it comes to finding new music online. We are one provides you with limitless supply of music from new, old, struggling and innovative artists. One Studios provides you with an excellent option to hear music and add them to your collection using the playlist option available.